Text Effects

NEW! news sticker with pixel as a cursor Text scramble animation tilt/swing text curve text Flickering arcade text wobbly pop up float shaking text marquee text bubble blinking text stretch text mark/highlight text glitch text rainbow link


NEW! skewed scrollbox double border no border dashed border change background color uneven border rounded edges simple border lace border scrollbox w buttons scrollbox with bg img/gif


NEW! cursor image trail tinkerbell bubbles firework hearts hearts 2 clicksplosing image

Xio's Codes

NEW! hashimoto crd codes additional cont blur menu customized example girly.uwu.ai buttons pro standard & pro plus heejung crd codes britney crd code


NEW! swing image NEW! twitch image border batch 2 stampy border batch float image circular gradient border mask batch #1 mask batch #2 double lace uneven blur/glowing stroke outset inset star mask heart mask pop up shake when hovered blur&zoom when hovered fog mask blurred border


NEW! floaties by nene snow snowflakes fireworks blobs bubbles rain


NEW! this crd menu sticky note editable dropdown text cursor trail menu selection peeping img chatbox website pet alert message webneko counter + cursor custom image fall 1 & 2 old web scrollbar gradient scrollbar

Nene's Codes

NEW! Windows scrollbox NEW! Circle square hover Multi section scrollboxes petals flower 2lower heart fixed icon title → scrollbox fixed slide bookmarks 1 + 2 links directory

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italic very recommended


dafont google fonts 1001 fonts cooltext japanese fonts


w3schools HTML basics v 30seconds of code mf2fm javascript


allison resource codes cakepop xyz yokai gnome callie lesbiana pochi

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pixel masterpost img color picker 1 & 2 colors hunt symbols punycode gif cities pixels dividers masterpost dividers jasminnie weebly suga masterpost oh pixels! hikoushi favicons img remove background music player

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NEW! falling objects generator (make sure the embed type is hidden) gradient css opacity css box shadow generator css generator tool

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Halloween section!


spooky batch 1 even spookier batch 2



HELLO LIMONYSAL USERS! I hope you're having a splendid week up until now. To celebrate my personally favorite holiday, I decided to host a little challenge for myself and try creating resources to help you guys decorate your sites as much as I can for Halloween! Enjoy! If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear them in the Cbox! - your favorite admins