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bloody creature poster boy  ♧

ROTTEN!  it/xe+
20 black/white
gnc gay man ⚣
(aux: he/him)
autistic syshost psychotic ...   
disabled ...

the worlds fav metalhead scemo eldritch demon vampire wolf zombie ... the most sexiest nonhuman un-alive ... the loyal duke of clubs of the demon vampire king of hearts ... teehee!

i fancy horror, true crime, music, puyo puyo, tetris, castlevania, trollz, spawn, html css, everhood, crash fever, senjyushi, gemini home entertainment, mystery flesh pit + lots more!

Btw not to shill but liek... i have referral code now !? if yuo wanma use itd be xtremely appreciated!


int with these freaks, named ell!ot (+ diff vers), think yr biblical Lucifer + Satan / go by said names, mcyt / LoL likers, proship, obsessive antis, believe 2 be me in a psychotic / kin way, think yr dating my hubbies or that yr them, HOMOPHOBES (includes shit liek "dni mlm" + thinking mlm r gross 4 likin men LMAO!)

Le Rottie!

Shadow Prove, Nyarlathotep, Mika Kagehira, William Afton, Beelzebub, etc

Saku Uruha, Frederick Loren, Albert Krueger, F, Edward Hyde (mazm)